Ruffles and Spurs

Ruffles and Spurs at Mountain View Barn offers a variety of gifts for everyone. There are many one of a kind antique, rustic, and vintage items as well as hand-crafted shabby chic and primitive items. We are constantly searching for unique items for that special gift or for your home. Stop by and see us!

Yarn at the Barn

Yarn At The Barn



Aileen Goetsch is the manager of Yarn at the Barn and she is a wonderful resource forall you fiber folk or for those who want to learn a new craft. Aileen holds certificates in knit and crochet instruction from the Craft Yarn Council. She has been involved in fiber crafts for over 58 years. She teaches knit, crochet, spinning, and weaving and offers private instruction by appointment Wednesday through Saturday.

Aileen hosts knitting and crochet groups at the Barn on Sunday’s from 2 pm-5 pm and Thursday’s from 6 pm- 8 pm.  She is also available to provide knitting and crochet assistance to customers.

Yarn at the Barn carries a wide variety of yarns from lace and sock yarns to bulky winter yarns from Imperial Stock Ranch in Oregon, Opal Sock Yarns, and the Classic Elite Line of fine yarns. She also carries Clover, ChiaGOO, and Boye needles, hooks and accessories. If you have something in mind to knit or crochet and you don’t find what you want, she also does special orders for customers.

Each month Aileen showcases a Yarn of the Month. This special yarn is available to “play with” before you buy! Just another of the wonderful resources available to you at Yarn at the Barn!




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