Get the freshest local fruits and vegetables from local farmers.

Handmade crafts and home baked goods, as well as antiques and collectibles.

Family friendly event, free to the public.

Mountain View barn will be serving a limited menu, refreshments, beer & wine.

Come on down to the barn for our Friday night dinner and live music by Rick and Mary Kuhn.

Instructor: Summer Robinson

Jacob’s Meeting Room at the Mountain View Barn

Call or email Mountain View barn for reservations 208-969-0784


Farm Fresh eggs available for $3.50

The Second Coming of the KKKCSI History Program: Professor Justin Vipperman

Reading – The Second Coming of the KKK: the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920’s and the American Political Tradition by Linda Gordon

6:00pm Supper
6:30pm Conversation Begins

CSI History Program: Dr. Russell Tremayne

Reading – Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition by Dan Okrent

6:00pm Supper
6:30pm Conversation Begins

Landon Mayer’s evening presentation will show us his adventures and methods as he pursues monster trout across the country and around the world.

He will also give us a Saturday morning fly tying and tactics demonstration seminar at the “Barn” with a complimentary continental breakfast that is included with your ticket.

*$40* PER PERSON-  Banquet Registration form
Each person’s ticket includes one door prize ticket, 15 bucket raffle tickets and your banquet dinner choice of Prime Rib, Salmon or Chicken.


The $20 tickets now on sale for our First Fantastic Fundraiser 2020 Raffle with $3000 in prizes will continue to be sold at the party as will those for the bucket raffles and other fun in addition to the silent auction bidding, concluding with the drawing of our winners.

Please use our accompanying Banquet Registration form for payment and other details. It is also available on our website or by calling Bryan Woodhouse at 208-934-6405, Don Morishita at 208-308-5180 or Fred Schneiter at 208-969-1971




Jazz Age-Harlem RenaissanceCSI History Program: Dr. Jeff Fox and Professor Benjamin Britton

Reading – New World Coming: The 1920’s and the Making of the Modern World by Nathan Miller

6:00pm Supper
6:30pm Conversation Begins

America in the 1920s

CSI History Program: Dr. Russell Tremayne and Professor Justin Vipperman

Reading – Anything Goes: A Biography of the Roaring 20’s by Lucy Moore

6:00pm Supper
6:30pm Conversation Begins