The historic lava rock Mountain View Barn venue is a unique and charming property that is perfect for weddings and special occasions. The walls of the barn are made of lava rock creating a classic and rustic atmosphere that is both timeless and elegant. The barn is surrounded by beautiful gardens, lawns, and other outdoor spaces that provide ample space for guest to enjoy during your event. The unique combination of classic charm, modern amenities, and natural beauty makes it an ideal venue for creating unforgettable memories with family and friends.

Jacobs Room

The Jacobs room is a charming and intimate space, perfect for parties, meetings, and small weddings. The room features a lava rock wall, creating a natural and rustic atmosphere. The rough-hewn lava walls and abundance of windows provide a warm and inviting ambiance. An AV has been added, making the space ideal for presentations, training sessions, or other events requiring audio and visual capabilities. Overall, the Jacobs room is a beautiful and functional space for hosting a variety of events.

The BARn Room

The old rock barn dining room is a classic and rustic space featuring the original floor that held the feed for the dairy below and the apples from the orchard. This room shouts history with eclectic antique tables used for dining and gatherings for up to 60 people. The dining room also includes a granite bar that was installed in 2016 and adds a touch of elegance to the dining area. Overall, the BARn room provides a warm and inviting atmospheres for all occasions with its combination of classic elements and modern touches. A commercial kitchen was added and is a unique blend of traditional and modern elements. The kitchen offers a warm and inviting atmosphere while providing all the necessary tools and equipment for a successful culinary operation.

Find the right space for your party

Have you been struggling to find a space that can accommodate your event? You should check out the different areas available at our venue. Our event space rentals areas include:

  • Jacob's meeting space. This space fits 100 people and is designed for business meetings and small parties.
  • The Spanbeaur loft. This space fits 200 people and comes with access to a barn loft and hardwood dance floor.
  • The bar and dining area. This space fits 60 people and comes with tables and chairs, a beer and wine bar and a full commercial kitchen.
Reach out to us to learn more about our event space rentals today.